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Posted this on Facebook back in June, I think. More remarkable for having my opinion at the time and being full of frustration and honesty, rather than being well written and scholarly, which it sure isn't. So, its sort of raw and my instinct is to rewrite the things that embarrass me, but I think its more interesting this way. Real post later.

Dear White America: Shut The Fuck Up And Enjoy Your Free Ride

So, I've seen this outline before, and its apparently from one of those dumb forwarded emails that useless cubicle workers and AOL users send to each other to distract from the smell of their own universal anonymity:

Am I racist?
You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey" and you think it's OK.
But if I called you Kike, Towelhead, WOP, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Gook, nigger or Chink you would call me a racist.
You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
You have the United Negro College Fund.
You have Martin Luther King Day.
You have Black History Month.
You have Cesar Chavez Day.
You have Yom Hashoah
You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi
You have the NAACP.
You have BET.
If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist.
If we had a White Pride Day... you would call us racist.
If we had white history month... we'd be racist.
If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives... we'd be racist.
If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships...you know we'd be racist.
In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights...you would call us racist.
Did you know that some high school students decided to make a club for only the white students because the other ethnicities had them?... they all got sent to court for being racist but the african-american, latino, and asia clubs were not even questioned.
You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're not afraid to announce it. But if we announced our white pride, you would call us racists.
I am white.
I am proud.
But, you call me a racist.
Why is it that only whites can be racist?"

There's several Facebook groups with this same outline, and heres the thing...there's some things as a result of PC that I disagree with, but its part of my bigger criticism of every ethnicity and that's something else entirely. But that's another note. Or not. Fuck notes.

But I have to bring up how sad this is. Because I know a lot of people saw this and went, "Exactly! That's how I feel! They understand, dammit! MYSPACE!". And, with 200 million or so white Americans, I'd venture to say that a large majority would bond with this. Problem? Not much thought in it. First of all, it immediately calls attention to an ignorance of world history and American history and the slave trade and post-Reconstruction era immigration. And if you want to be taken seriously, this is a bad way to start (Although I admit that the vast majority of people are dialectically retarded and would cause a knee-jerk race war over the internet that happens all the time and makes me wish I had the hand on the button to detonate the warheads).

All of this presupposes that slavery and the history of American genocide and oppression aren't so bad. I love, by the way, that its always people too young to know anything about how fucked up and scary the 60's were spouting off this shit. Listen, if you grew up in the suburbs, shut the fuck up. I don't give a shit how many liberal arts or black studies classes you took, your viewpoint is meaningless and you're too pathetically confused by your slow entrance into reality to be useful to anyone.

This also seems to be a reaction to that experience. Yeah, white guilt is a difficult thing to surpass, considering there are a lot of assholes who will give you shit about things you didn't do (I'd rather they take the "Guilty of Being White" by Minor Threat approach, than this infuriating bullshit rhetoric, because it saves me from murderous rage and backing up my views of white middle class America, and also, it makes more sense since if you're ethnicity immigrated post-Slavery, you have nothing to do with it [i.e. Fuck Portugal])

But really. Enough with the constant bitching. White marches for advancement? Seriously, such a pathetic argument. YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING. THIS IS A WHITE FUCKING COUNTRY. EVERYTHING IS MARKETED TOWARDS AND GIVEN TO YOU WITHOUT THOUGHT. Yes, calling someone epithets is fucking RACIST. Why are the ghettos dangerous to live in? Because blacks inherited the shitty parts of cities after white flight, and crime is a constant with poverty. You don't need white specific anything in a country that is OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE. Jesus fucking Christ. And you know, I'd agree in any other country because every other country except post-USSR satellites are very old and have established ethnic backgrounds and histories. The Native Americans are fucking extinct, and this country is so new that everyone is aware of the bullshit and its impossible to get away with what makes sense in, say, France. France, as much as I hate that portion of Europe, has the right to have issue with recent Islamic immigrants. Usually it'd be quite odd to appeal to minorities in a country that's been extant for centuries. But, America is a malleable country, a glorified fucking experiment with shitty control and parameters wherein any non Anglicans who ever came here, out of will of force, were ceremoniously dehumanized in the way that only Europeans and Asians can do so brutally and mechanically.

Yes, its goddamn racist to imply that more "white based things" should be celebrated or created to "offset" the pittance of recognition given to ethnic minorities in this country. Man the fuck up and get over your white guilt and become a functional person without pussying out and claiming reverse racism constantly. It's becoming harder and harder everyday to take white people in this country seriously. Go to stormfront.org and attempt to understand how to formulate an argument, because you don't deserve SHIT. You had nothing to do with the formation of his country, everyone here works just as hard as you, and just like everyone else here, you have a myspace, see shitty movies, like shitty things, have no perspective of anything outside your boring life and in the end just want to have kids. You're not fucking special. If anything, you should be on your fucking toes. The history of death and pain Europeans have caused should fucking loom over you and force you not to suck.

Seriously. WET? That presupposes that every other channel is a jungle of Benetton pluralism, which is fucking ain't. Show me one decent accurate portrayal of an ethnic minority, I'll show you 50 stereotypes that become the basis of middle America's view of all non-whites. What white rights are there to fight for? Why are you still bitching about losing the country? It's not your goddamn country to lose in the first place. THESE THINGS EXIST BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE EXIST IN AMERICAN BESIDES WHITES. It's a pittance to offset your goddamn patriarchy. And you know what, thank god for Univision, because BET dropped the ball 10 years ago. Why do you campaign and bitch and moan against people who just recently started to do well and get by? CESAR CHAVEZ DAY? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? These are your examples? This is how you nitpick? We wanted a melting pot, but this is clearly a fucking spice rack of a country.

And white pride is racist. Learn some goddamn nuance. All nationalism is inherently bullshit, but that's how everyone outside of America gets their identity. There's nothing wrong with the phrase "Scottish and proud". But you subscribing to the idea of race without a second thought of its meaning and the weight of it and its very existence is racist. Also, as a white American, what the fuck do you have to be proud of? You're never going to visit your country of origin and you didn't keep the cultural habits. You're fucking empty culturally and the sort of idea of "American" you propagate is nothing to be admired. (I'm pretty sure the Enlightenment thinkers, philosopher, Free-Mason, and liberal fucking founding fathers would hate you and what you purport to be their ideas. Thomas Paine has nothing to do with mall culture, Dane Cook, Blue Collar TV, K/Wal-Mart, and being a fat little entitled cunt seeping off the udders of global terrorism while both being dumb and blind and claiming to be "endangered"). Great, you can trace your lineage back to 17th century Holland. When are you going there? When the fuck do you ever clog? The idea of unified race is a joke. There are only political ethnicities and nationalities, and whatever archetypal taxonomy you subscribe to is obsolete with all of the catty, bloody infighting that seems to just be human nature.

And who the fuck says "Yellow pride" except lame Asians and white people trying hard to be edgy (All of you try way too hard, by the way)? Goddamit, get away from the Cathy cartoons and Bill Engvall comedy specials and pick up some Karl Marx and Cornell West, you fat useless shits. As people who historically always have and still place yourself above all others and have shaped history and capitalism to favor yourselves, you bitch and get cunty when there's even a bit of resistance from any non-whites. You still hold European cultural achievements as superior and can barely acknowledge anyone else's without being condescending. Should I even mention the "White man's burden?" You want to know how to deal with race issues? Ignore them. Try to behave as if you're not the center of existence and not merely the result of thousands of years of physical adaptation to cold climates with little sun. But you even bothering to ask why you can't say nigger or nigga shows how worthless you are and how, much like everyone else in this country, you learned jack shit from your past (I'm looking at you, too, black America ages 8-40...I'm real goddamn annoyed at you, too)

No, whites aren't the only racists. Everyone has an irrational fear of brown skin, worldwide. Its the be-all end all issue to everyone and whiter features ARE favored, as with Hispanics. The Japanese still don't know how to react to black people. You just tend to sort of run things at the moment, so your right to be complain about racism are revoked. If you can get in a time machine and erase the history of white oppression, fine. But until then, shut the fuck up and enjoy your free ride you didn't earn.

Unless someone does you physical harm, you have nothing to bitch about.

...So that was the rant I posted in response to a few Facebook groups. Its weird to read that the whole way through now, but I decided not to lie or edit the things that strike me as embarrassing for the sake of being frank for a change.

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I wish white supremacy would end