Sunday, October 21, 2007


I still miss you, God meat.

March 11, 2005 – May 19, 2006


josephlovesit said...

Word is that the creators of Wonder Showzen are making a new show for Adult Swim called "Xavier: Renegade Angel" The short description they have there makes it sound like the comic Preacher.
I heard it's going to air on November 1st.

Christopher said...

I just explogasmed. Man, hearing that just made my year.

The PFFR record was pretty ill, too.

josephlovesit said...

Christopher, this is up at right now. Peep the link. I think it'll air on TV this Sunday night.

The show is fucking weird, but so good. I probably need to watch it a bunch more times though.

Christopher said...

Just watched it...Jesus Christ it's awesome. Since Adult Swim jumped the shark two years ago creatively, they've done a bunch more experimental and occasionally shitty 15 minute cartoons, but for once it pays off.

John and Vernan really just fucking took everything crazy about Wonder Showzen and made this absurdly funny show. My mind has explogasmed from it.

josephlovesit said...

It just gets better and funnier with repeated views.

"Oh fructata!"

Did you ever see the pilot 'Superjail' that Adult Swim ran earlier in the summer? It was done by the guys who did some animation on Wonder Showzen. It's basically an animated Rube Goldberg machine with violence. They'll be turning it into a series soon.

If you haven't seen it:
Superjail Part 1
Part 2