Thursday, February 7, 2008

Didn't This 80's Shit Jump The Shark In 2004? Goddamnit.

Above, a song I grew up on back when VH1 wasn't a deformed hybrid of BET and E!, Missing Persons' "Words". It immediately came to mind after my new roommate peeped me to this new Ashlee Simpson song.

It's great and fantastically catchy, and unsurprisingly, Kenna had a hand in its creation (His debut was rife with this buzz-pop-bubble-dry 80's techno thing) as well as, apparently, Timbaland. But also, I gotta say, though I've successfully avoided hipsters and most of Manhattan and Brooklyn the last two years, this 80's shit needs to stop. Really. The weird Fresh Prince/Municipal Waste hats, the Cool Kids aesthetic, M.I.A robbing the corpse of Neneh Cherry, the ugly Nike's, all of it.

Well, the hipster contingent. The 80's B-boy look with the fat gold ropes? Shit's still fire.

Do your thing, Ashlee. I'm sure this is the nail in the coffin of the post-modern "retro" movement. Or at least until someone figures out how to make flannel hip outside of post-hardcore circles.