Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best Singles/Songs of 2008: Part 1

Looking back, moving back onto campus and taking a full course load rather than one class as an internship was great for me but abysmal for Fuck I Look Like?'s post count

LLoyd Feat. Lil' Wayne-"Girls Around The World"

I could do with a bit more memorable lines and less interpolations of Rakim lyrics on Weezy's verse but, shit, it's 2008 Lil' Wayne. A 6/10 is the best he can give right now. Post- "Get It Shawty" futuristic club Hip-Hop/R&B Lloyd is immensely more likeable and has much better songs than the old Murder Inc. straphanger/potential token R&B on a hip-hop label that always gets shelved (here's looking at you Rell and Christion) Lloyd. Shit, if he could have a whole album of "Get It Shawty"s and "Girls All Around The World", he might get to that mystical T-Pain level of pop consistency. Speaking of which...

This is the best video of the year. Thr33 Ringz manages to solve the filler problem of Epiphany making it easily one of the best albums released this year and also one of few modern hip-hop and pop-bred commercial R&B records that's worth a shit. Any of the records singles would've done, but Pain's sense of humor put this shit over. And, it helps how ridiculously grandiose the track is and how hard he shits on most of the rappers trying to get on the last few years. Plus, this is the only time Khaled's obnoxiousness actually came in handy.

Snoop Dogg- "Sexual Eruption"

This song is still fucking amazing nearly a year later. I've gone to too many college parties to not realize the power of a really good late 00's club track, which post-'06 trance-hop seems to permanently have this weird texture attached to it that can only be described as the aural representation of getting your dick grinded for the first time in a sweltering room full of brown people with loans. Its like something slowly unraveling while being both gorgeous and dirty, kinda like a Georgia O'Keefe painting getting double-dicked. This was probably on last year's, too, but who gives a fuck.

The Dream-"Falsetto"

Falsetto - The Dream
Speaking of my dick, this song is like what "Buy U A Drank" was to me last year, a song I slept on because the artist's previous single turned me off, in this case it was The Dreams's "Shawty is a 10" as opposed to "I'm In Luv Wit A Scrippa". But somewhere between getting played at maximum volume in my friend's car a few months ago, Christian's suspicious decision to start listening to LoveHate and incessant play's of the record while I've been back working at the MET, I buckled around last Thursday and limewire'd the shit out it. Plus, despite people's tendencies put any old shit on during Myspace-generation sex, this shit could actually be fucked to. Like Portishead fucked.

Sidenote: Can someone at these labels start hiring me to play these passionate faux-80's metal/Hall&Oates guitar solos for R&B tracks a la Usher/The Dream? Shit sounds dumb easy. And I've got kids to buy Lil' Wayne CD's for.

Portishead-"We Carry On"

6 We Carry On - Portishead
Like Phantom Limb, Third took me a few months to care to listen to. It wasn't until a late night Metro-North train ride to White Plains last month that I realized how fucking great the album is. Of the tracks, I chose this because it reminds me of when I was younger and got into Clinic back when Clinic were making good music, i.e. brooding psych-rock songs that sounded like this, but with a permanently sneering Ade Blackburn instead of a wailing Gorey-esque Beth Gibbons.

You don't make soft bookish love to new Portishead, you fucking blood-let to it.

The Black Ghosts- "Anyway You Choose To Give It"

Anyway You Choose To Give It - The Black Ghosts
I was, like I try to do as often as possible, fucking around in iTunes browsing for really good electronica and dance music, since hip-hop and rock are albatross' creatively/consistency-wise and it's much easier to fall dick-first into a rare solid rap album these days than to find good dance music in this really odd clusterfuck of house,techno, electro (and allegedly rave's coming back) that is getting put on right now. And to follow a theme, this song is fucking sexy. The Black Ghosts are clearly the better half of the Simian brokeup that produced Simian Mobile Disco (who have their moments,

Tobacco- "Hairy Candy"

Hairy Candy - Tobacco
I tried to like this album a lot, but it, like pretty much everything released lately is, at best, half-good. Maybe something should be said of diminishing returns and the full-length LP being too many tracks for most people making music these days to actually use to make consistent works. David Lee Roth was right when he explained his motivations for making EP's at first rather than albums, something Tobacco and Kanye should've noted. But regardless, this song is awesome, and one of the few good things to come out of my schools blog-centric taste in music.

Flying Lotus-"Parisian Goldfish".

Pitchfork finally served some use! I was going through their "Best Videos of 2008" list and this popped up. I could go into detail about the song and video, but its better just experienced plus its late and I'm hungry.

Lady Gaga- "Just Dance"

Seriously, what are people going to do once this soft saw/fart-synth thing dies out? it's been like 3 years, and as much as I love it, I'd be hard pressed to imagine what long underappreciated-by-pop genre will get incorporated in the '10s. This album wasn't any good, but the chick can certainly sing, and reminds me of Christina Aguilera with Britney Spears' ability to actually blend in with dance tracks (which Christina is a little too "Sears" for) and a bunch of LES/Greenpoint/Williamsburg hipster sensibility. The fact that I don't participate in any of this Lastnightsparty/Kim Wilde "Kids of America (with corroded nasal cavities and trust funds)" scene just makes me feel more curmudgeonly.

Oh hey, look, tits!

Venetian Snares-"Eurocore MVP"

Eurocore MVP - Venetian Snares
Included because it comes from the only good (in a traditional, extra-genre sense) VS album so far.


Creator - Santogold
Considering how long she's had since she wrote that Res album from the heady days of 2001 (Fuck I miss Cody ChesnuTT), I'm surprised at how much her record sucked. But she really found herself a niche among MIA and Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans (ie, girls), so good for her. You know what'd be obnoxious? Remixing this with MIA and Saul Williams on it doing verses. I think my skull would cave from all the Afropunk.

Estelle-"American Boy"

American Boy (Radio Edit w/ Kanye) - Estelle
Things like this brighten up my year. As much as I love "Yaaah" and "Marco Polo", at the end of the day I'd like to have a great single, not a moderately catchy coon anthem to shuck-and-jive to to annoy my friends and co-workers who are convinced I'm Puerto Rican. Plus, as my iTunes library inclusions of Zero 7, Badly Drawn Boy and etc attest to, I femme out pretty hard for songs both mellow and catchy with those slightly muffled clean tones and "However Do You Want Me" feel. Plus, its weird to know Will.I.Am spends his time listening to Boyz Noise. Although apparently Will.I.Am is huge in Britain. Though so is Oasis still, so there's no accounting for taste.

Ashlee Simpson-"Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya"

Bitch is retarded as my generation's fashion sense, but she stumbled tits-backwords into the best 80's simulacrum EVER. This song shits on everything Gwen Stefani has ever done, and I say this as someone who bought Love.Angel.Music.Baby the first week it was out and giddily rode through East Brooklyn humming to "Bubble Pop Electric". If her entire family, baby, husband and all, perished Lynard Skynard/Big Bopper style tomorrow, this song would serve as a fitting cap to a sub-Britney Spears career awash in retarded pouts and even more retarded singing. I imagine "Get outta my head" is something her fuselage-encased cracker corpse would say if it wasn't JFK Jr'ed to hell.


Danity Kane-"2 Of You"

2 Of You - Danity Kane
Second greatest pop album of the decade after FutureSex/LoveSounds. Deadass.


Its getting harder every year not to love her and her tone-deaf, non-Jamaican five-head. No Briehan.

Britney Spears-"Womanizer"

AKA my ringtone for most of the fall, and a song used to actually dance alone in my room too, "Put A Ring On It'-style for about a week. Is it weird how much I identify with the throngs of young gays, fag-hags and unpopular white girls in her current fanbase when I listen to this?

John Legend-"Green Light"

What's most alarming about this song, besides the fact that my boy Andre looks just like John Legend, that this track is actually really good, and that John Legend is still around, is that Andre 3000 is only 33.


Outkast were 19 when they put out Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymusic, arguably their best album. And were 28 when they put out the last interestic piece of music either of them has done, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, the former of which has thankfully been given correct appraisal in hindsight as the better of the two. Not only does this remind me how little I've personally accomplished, but it reminds me that when people try to excuse Lil'Wayne and company as late bloomers. Listen, I'm not waiting until Wayne is some 29 year-old globe-trotting cigar-enthusiasts wearing sandals and married to Michelle from Destiny's Child to put out a good record. Two things need to happen. Motherfuckers need to start showing and proving in this "post-talent" atmosphere we've got, and Outkast need to be reminded that they've wasted 5 years of prime rapping time bullshitting and should prolly get something out before they officially become Jay-Z-bored with rap.

Also: Big Boi's guest verses>Andre 3000's.

TI-"Live Your Life"

Live Your Life - Feat. Rihanna - T.I.
What a great way to make /b/ stop their cliched, faux-nihilist internet race-baiting and making the retards laud a pop rapper. This is one of those magical pop moments (No Briehan) where clearly the dude was in on the joke from the beginning (No Robert Kelly). I can imagine Cliff at the Grand Hustle offices being shown the Numa Guy video years ago and decided to wait until he had enough cash to clear the sample to make a Myspace-generation anthem of it.

Dude's flow is as awesome as always, but it pretty much seems like he'll never make a decent album.

Tomorrow: Things. Get. Silly.


josephlovesit said...

I wouldn't ever have imagined liking The Dream until now. But that song is really cool. Did the album end up comparing?

"Sexual Eruption" is probably the best recent non-dance track that fits awesome between real dance tracks.

Christopher said...

Surprisingly, the album had some cool treats on it. there's this song called "I Love Your Girl" which is this really funny and fucked up thing about how the Dream is basically assessing how great you girlfriend is and how much she loves fucking him.

The hook is this line where he pretends to be the girl who, everytime she sees the Dream and her boyfriend comes up, she says "Fuuuuuuck. That niggaaaaaaa"

To get the proper effect, you have to imagine that in a falsetto (ay. ay. ay.)