Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beige '08

In everyone's exuberance, especially the annoyingly bleeding heart but adorable nonetheless hippie drum circles and shouting on my campus, people seem to constantly overlook that Obama is not the first black president.

He's the first mulatto president. (Although people's tendency to ignore that and refer to him solely as black is telling).

Thus, with my people finally in control of the executive branch, I'd like to thank/activate my fellow sleeper cell agents, Jay Smooth, Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz, Zoe Kravitz, Halle Berry, Faith Evans, Jennifer Beals, Mariah Carey, U-God, Charli baltimore, The Mowrys, Tay Zonday, Vanity, and Alicia Keys.

We really deed it.


Anonymous said...

Although you might be reaching with Zoe Kravitz, that is actually a pretty impressive list. an eye opening for me - you guys have people of power in diverse spheres of influences. mowrys to lenny kravitz huh? Does tay zonday's inclusion guarantee "chocolate rain" as a mulatto mantra/ theme song? I should ahve realized that the song was foreshadowing your eventual takeover.
Also, no love for DJ Drama?? You actually dared to give a SHOUT-out that ignored barack o'drama??

Christopher said...

Well, Drama is a codified a Puerto Rican until we can get a proper look at his kin. Then we might send him that plaque he's been badgering us about since Dedication 2.

Actually the mulatto theme song for this momentous occassion is "Cappucino".

You know, a little lighter than chocolate.