Monday, June 23, 2008

"I Kind Of Like It When People Die"

In taking a break from my bullshit ass space of the Blogspot universe, I don't feel the need to eulogize or sentimentalize George Carlin. He wasn't that type of comic and, though he was certainly more human and dignified and complex than most of the people I've actually met, heavy-handed ejaculations of adjectives and achievements won't sum up the life and sad death of one of my favorite comedians and, up until today, the best comedian alive. Besides, the next week will be filled with tons of deserved discussion and biography of the man, all of which can be safely assumed I'd write about anyway. So in the coming days, the best pieces will be culled and linked here.

So with that, some clips from his angrier, nihilistic and trippy latter days, of which is my favorite Carlin era.


Chuck Berry better not even fucking consider dying.


brandon said...

I too like that 90s "fuck everybody" Carlin era as well.

RIP Pimp C

Christopher said...

He almost became evil towards the end of there, in a lovable way.

josephlovesit said...

Those videos are awesome.

Have you read Michael Ian Black or Louis C.K.'s articles on this? Both are good reads.
- Louis C.K. "Goodbye George Carlin"
- Michael Ian Black "Rest in Fucking Peace, George Carlin"

Christopher said...

Louis CK, as always, was dead on in his appraisal.

I was hoping Carlin would make it to 80 or something. Its corny, but the world does feel a little emptier knowing we have Carlos Mencia to look up to.