Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Album of '08 So Far:

Dead-ass. Only solid album released this year so far. And dammit, despite the horrible ringtone production (in the rockist sense), shit is catchy as hell.

Seriously. I know the labels are retarded and think the loudness warms and compression and making shit ringtone-ready is a good idea, but what if I actually enjoy listening to Danity Kane for the music and don't want to focus on the tinny drums and anemic EQ?

1. Danity Kane- Welcome To The Dollhouse
2. Erykah Badu- New Amerykah
3. Origin- Antithesis
4. Portishead- Third
5. Lil' Wayne- Tha Carter III
6. Disfear- Live The Storm

And there's still Arghoslent, Coffins, Dismember, Cursed, The Day Everything Became Nothing, and Protest The Hero to soak up. Unsurprisingly, all of that is metal/hardcore.

Although I do think L.A.X will truly define The Game as an important, creative, original, and surely, important rapper.


josephlovesit said...

I'm intrigued to see Disfear on here. I wrote them off back when the album came out after hearing a track on their Myspace. I guess I don't trust Breihan's metal taste either. But I'm going to give them a fair shake now.

Also excited about The Game's album (hope you're serious about that statement!).

Christopher said...

JoeyJames&TheFlames- Yeah, his recommendation actually made me avoid them for a while. But, though not great, its a very competent mix of old Swedish death guitar tone, rock and roll swagger and D-beat.

Lindberg in Disfear>>>Lindberg in At The Gates. The man is a sex machine live. Honest.

Haha. I was being completely sarcastic but it'd be nice if he ever put out something decent. The "Lax" jokes are already out, so he has to either bring it for this 3rd record or give it up.