Friday, April 25, 2008

Editor's Note

We here at Fuck I Look Like? (Myself, Christian, and our adopted genderqueer poodle "Claudius Zionist") sometimes make mistakes. Or shitty posts. Or a little from each column there. So in an effort to summarily clean house now that the quality of posts has risen from 6 to 7.5, here's a series of corrections and edits. And owning up to overall shittyness.

Municipal Waste Is Gonna Fuck You Up

This is probably the post where I realized what I shouldn't and wouldn't be doing on this blog, which is a jumbled, over-long mess of a diatribe spanning more than one subject at a time. The least I could've done is separate the post, but instead I let it rock like my old Livejournal/Deadjournal entries. Shame, since there was four or five decent posts crumbled together in there.

Pussy Done Dried Up Like Fast Money

Still like what I wrote, two years later, but really had no place on the blog or context.


Too reactionary and lazy, and rendered moot and kind of immature by Twee Funds Terrorism. Also, 2007 wasn't a shitty year for music at all, so that rant reads "asshole" to me.

I Need a Personal Jesus (I'm In Depeche Mode)

In retrospect, American Gangster is a bit crappier than my initial review suggested. Still, decent record.

Best Albums of 2007

There were some glaring omissions and corrections here, after enough time passed, so here's a revision:
-The Hives should've been at number 24, above In Rainbows, but behind 8 Diagrams.
-Aesop Rock's None Shall Pass was slept on by me, but should be up at 17 above American Gangster but behind Residente o Visitante. Or even higher, pending repeated listening from my over-inundated ass.

-Pop Levi's record should've been just above Necro. Since, you know, Necro sucks but there were 8 really great beats on there.

And these are the posts that keep me up at night during ether frolics. In my commitment to not pussing out, I'll never delete them, but I do feel they demand some distancing, Obama-Wright style.

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