Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Damn, Homie

RIP Pimp C
UGK rapper Pimp C was found dead this morning (Dec. 4) in his room at the Mondrian Hotel on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. He was 33. Police found the rapper, whose real name was Chad Butler, dead in his bed after responding to a 911 call.

UGK's publicist at Jive Records confirmed Pimp C's death to Billboard.com. "He was truly a thoughtful and kind-hearted person," Jive president/CEO Barry Weiss says. "He will be remembered for his talent and profound influence as a pioneer in bringing Southern rap to the forefront. He will be missed and our prayers remain with his family."

In August, UGK released "Underground Kingz," its first studio album in five years. The set, which spawned the popular single "Intl' Players Anthem" featuring OutKast, debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200, a first for the group.

UGK, which also features rapper Bun B, was derailed in 2002 when Pimp C was sentenced to eight years in prison on an assault charge. He was released on Dec. 30, 2005, at which point he quickly began working on new music.

His 2006 solo album, "Pimpalation" reached No. 3 on The Billboard 200. But it was understood that his stint in jail affected the artist's mental and physical health dramatically, to the point where he was unable to promote "Underground Kingz" in a meaningful way.

Pimp C had performed in Los Angeles Saturday night with labelmate Too Short.

I was in class an hour ago dealing with a mix of boredom and annoyance as everyone else in my "Intro to Global Black Studies" class (That I'm re-taking to clear the F I got two years ago after deciding to stop waking up at 10am for class), and my right eye's peripheral caught a big picture of Pimp C from my friend computer and "Oh No They Didn't" were reporting his death, and as a UGK fan and fan of good southern rap, I'm fucking bummed. I had to put up a memorial or mention this, so now I'm in the library, before I hit up my internship and go home to relax, doing this quick update.

Seriously, dude's fortunes just started turning around and he's dead at 33. Now, clearly it's not going to be surprising why he died (either the drugs, syrup, or his weight gain), but it's quite a fucking blow. No more UGK, plus that upcoming Bun B solo record is going to have extra meaning now.

Bun B: I just got a call about a few hours ago that we got a Grammy nomination. Me and my VP from Jive [Records] were talking about this, because we been on this label for 15 years. We've known these people longer than we've known a lot of people in our lives. And he can always remember Pimp telling him, "We going to the Grammys," and them looking at this little kid from Port Arthur like he's crazy: "He may make some good music and sell a few records, but what they do? That kind of stuff doesn't go to the Grammys." And 15 years later, a song I told him we shouldn't do and he was adamant about it — and he got his Grammy nomination just like he always wanted. I'm so happy for him. I'm so proud of him. Because he did it exactly like he wanted to do it: on his terms. We had a nomination before with Jay-Z — and we were very blessed and honored for that. But that was Jay featuring us — this one was us. Not taking anything away from Outkast, because that definitely comes into play. But at the same time, us putting Outkast on the record was his vision — seeing things a little further — and God putting together a plan for us. [He pauses.] I'm really happy for him. I know he just popped a bottle! Because in all honestly, this is what he wanted [to win a Grammy]. He's gonna put a Grammy on his mama's shelf. He's gonna put a Grammy on his mama's shelf, man.

That quote is from the just released Bun B interview with MTV, and I teared up while reading it, so I had to post it. Its really touching and bittersweet. Condolences to the Chad Butler family as well as Bun B. Gotdamn.

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brandon said...

Yeah..what the fuck. You see OhWord linked to your Biographical Dictionary of Rap entry?

Christopher said...

Really? Oh shit. Maybe I might blow up now. I think I have like 5 really good posts, haha.

33. Jesus Christ. This has been a really shitty fall.

brandon said...

"B Berg with the Baking Soder"?? That's really good. Yeah, it's so crazy Pimp was only 33. But yeah, Rafi from OhWord linked you in their Pimp C tribute post.

Christopher said...

Yeah, I'm developing a weird habit of giving you guys adlib nicknames.

"B Berg", "Joey Crack", "DocApollo", etc.

DocZeus brought up an interesting point in his "Ridin Dirty" post yesterday, about how he feels weird hating on shit this week, or at least for the moment. I spent the yesterday mentoring at a junior high and got attacked by a fellow mentor out of my apparently incredulous asserting that 2Pac is overrated, never made a good record, and (I was kidding, but no one caught it) that Lil Wayne was better. I didn't care that all the 13-year-olds except one awesome chick that apparently goes to fashion and rap shows in the city agreed that Pac is the "best of all time", because, well, they're young and they don't know any better and its hard for me to challenge or correct anyone younger than me for fear of being disliked or seeming like an asshole.

I had wanted to finally do my 2Pac assessment post, but I just can't find it in me to criticize anything right now. I'm real happy to see how many hip-hop outlets are covering Pimp's passing, which I was afraid wouldn't receive the proper attention.

josephlovesit said...

Not to divert too much attention away from this horrible loss, but one observation I had about that whole Grammy nomination thing:

If UGK win the Grammy for "Int'l Players Anthem" that means that Three 6 Mafia will get statues too for producing it (I think that's how these things work?). So that would effectively make them Grammy and Academy Award winners. How awesome would that be?

Christopher said...

That would be amazing. Although somewhere in Memphis, Project pat sheds a tear for what could've been.