Thursday, August 20, 2009

"When I Say 'Big Dick Style' I'm Talking Bout My Dick, Not Yours, B"

I hope more of this interview comes out and it was just some piddling 3 minute exercise in pussy-footing around a subject because Angela Yee seems to have wasted a great moment to get some sort of debate going there or at least some discussion between Raekwon who's on some "chicks is cool but I can't stand homos, B" bullshit (disappointing that so far Ghost and Rae's transgressive beliefs have been pretty cliche. At the very least I'd like to see them go to one extreme or the other, maybe get some Westboro Bapist talking point out there) and Snoop from the Wire who might be the most loved and respected dyke in the black community (outside of allegedly Queen Latifah, Da Brat, Alicia Keys, Oprah, etc.) I don't know why I expected Snoop to not be blunted and ineffectual regarding defending or even offering an opinion on gay men, but it would've been interesting since it'd would be a conversation of equal footing as opposed to the uphill battle some kid who just took a queer studies course would have on that show.

If Angela Yee is going to keep having Wu members say some wild shit on the air, the least she could do is have a little more backbone and not offer these overly careful responses about women's rights/sexuality and gay men.

And "My mouth is too small to suck a dick" is not a clever retort or a funny one-liner. Its just suspect.


Anonymous said...

How does slavery still exist?

Christopher said...

Because niggas keep it real (public school)