Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Say It's Mixed, But I Say Mulatto

Please, Tends Loreille - Bams and U-God

A blog post mentioned the RZA world rap album that came out 5 years ago that I either never knew about or forgot of and while doing my normal browsing thing on iTunes, I came across this, one of two gems buried in that record.

(The other track is a wild-ass Pretty Toney Album-era Ghostface track with "Saian Super Crew" called "Saian".)

RZA's production + a "world" rapper that can really flow= GOLD. While we're on the subject, someone should put down Yelle.

Doing It Wrong Since 2007

Funny story. Type in "french hipster" into youtube and all her videos show up as the prime results.

It should be said that U-God is the greatest guest MC ever. Dude's like a blitzkrieg on tracks. Ideally, a U-God solo album would be the most insane club beats RZA could chop up, like this song or "Wolves" from 8 Diagrams, and the rule would be U-God can only do one verse, and maybe a hook per song to keep the consistency good. That's the only way dude'll ever release anything good, and shit, it worked on Missy Elliot's better albums. Chick had like 2 minutes of actual song and two and a half of instrumental on each track.

To be honest, I'm anticipating Golden Arms Redemption II way more than ...Cuban Linx II, especially as there's little chance the latter will be good.

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Ass Hat said...

truest shit i ever heard.