Monday, July 14, 2008


I realized a little while ago when Discipline leaked that I had never sat down with an entire Janet Jackson record, so I went to iTunes to do the normal 30sec-per-song browsing to figure out what her best records were and copped them.

Listening to Control and Rhythm Nation 1812 halfway through a bus trip to West Bumfuck, Pennsylvania, a couple of things occurred to me. One, how much Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis sounded really fucking odd and overdone and all over the place, and how much like industrialized Minneapolis funk it reminded me of (not surprising since it turned out they were fired from The Time in the mid-80's for being late all the time). Also, how cheesy and underwhelming Janet's singing and performance pre-janet. was. There's a lot of unintentionally funny moments on those records.

But of late, I noticed some whole other shit that blew my mind. And that is with all of the cool, hyper-intricate and experimental programming and production Jam and Lewis did, their successor may be Soulja Boy.

"Get Silly" is my shit.

Those FL Studio hits aren't as cheap sounding and ridiculous in light of this. Give the kid 10 years and he'll be putting out classics. Like thriller caliber, deadass.