Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You Fail Me

Yeeeeesh, I've been sucking on the updates. There's been a huge lag since last winter, mainly because I'm actually a full-time student again and in a very boring adult manner, taking on a lot of things at once, so I can't seem to capture the same vibe in my dorm that I got lying back in my room at home with my dell on my sternum and a pair of cheap Sony earbuds blasting whatever I was going to write about that night.

The good thing about the lack of updates is it gave me enough time to step back and see the difference between old posts and say my last decent post (and definite final mention of, ever) on indie rock a while ago. Half the reason I blog, besides the standard reasons of ego and not really seeing anywhere my views on music are published outside of the blogs I actually read, all on my links, is to get back into writing and get better at it. The fact that I already cringe at some of last fall's posts suggests I probably have, so hopefully I can focus and at least get back to a two-post a week schedule.

Anyway, here is the epic post on death metal I promised like 3 months ago.


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